What do you mean by notes?

I offer individually based coaching, so the notes provided will depend on what you would like from your session.

How do I send my work to you?

Via email. State your name and the project in the header and supply a short synopsis of the work in the body of the email along with a list of the documents you are attaching. Send your work in the form of a Pdf, Final Draft or Word document.  

How are reports sent?  

Notes are sent via email. You will need to supply an email address to receive my feedback. 

Does my work remain confidential?


Conflict of Interest....

There are thousands of ideas out there and stories have been told again and again. Most of the time it's completely fine. However, I will uphold my right to send back work and refund you where there is a possible conflict of interest. This means that if there is occasion where a project sent is too similar in subject, story and treatment to one of my own working projects, I will be unable to supply a coaching service.  This is why I ask you to send a synopsis or description of your project in the body of your email. 

Writer for hire

|f you have any questions about other help you may require please email me.